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Typically released by the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony, a white dove release provides a classy finishing touch to an elegant wedding. Many photographers have captured awe-inspiring shots as the birds take flight right from the wedding couple's hands.

These birds are ideal for ceremonial white dove releases -- they have a wonderful wing span and provide a spectacular show as they circle the perimeter of the Church to gather their bearings before flying home.

Most weddings we work take either 2, 12 or 25 birds, depending on whether the bridal couple wants to release the white doves themselves, have the bridal party release the birds or have them released from ornamental cages. We can work with any number.

Our flock is available for weddings in Northeast Ohio. We also offer a beautiful display of two white doves in the church.

To find out the availability of our white doves for release on your wedding date, call us at 330-928-7349 or print out and mail our Event Application.

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